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Three Leaves & Three Pearls

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This pot exudes a deep stillness. But don’t let that fool you. Along with its gentleness there is a power about this pot. 4" x 3″ My Prayer Pots are pinch pots made from porcelain clay. The leaves and Queen Anne’s lace flowers are all actual leaves or flowers pressed into the clay, cut out and then attached to the pots. The leaf or flower burn off in the first firing leaving a detailed impression. The “berries” are either fresh water pearls or mineral beads. The planters with sauces have a hole in the bottom of the pot so you can plant directly in the pot. They all will hold water. My Prayer Pots are meant to stir your heart and remind you of your divine nature. For me, each pot is a little womb for the incubation and creation of a better world. Whether you place your prayer pot on a window sill with a plant in it, on your desk holding pencils or in a place of honor to just enjoy it’s presence, the frequency of love and play as well as the beauty of nature will be there to remind you of the love you already are and the gifts you came here to share. And some twinkles of joy, too! These pots are called Prayer Pots because they will amplify what you put in them. Whether you write down a wish or a prayer for yourself and put it in the pot or give the pot, wish included, to a loved one, that wish or prayer will be held in love and amplified.

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